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Institut Suisse de l'Exploration Positive
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About Appreciative Inquiry
Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful, strength-based participatory approach to organizational change. The foundational belief is that every organization and living system has a "positive core", something that works well already, where people and organizations have experienced some success.

It's a mind-set!

Applied instead of more commonly used problem-solving approaches of finding out what is wrong and identifying solutions to fix it, Appreciative Inquiry seeks out what is working well, what are a person's or an organization's strengths and root causes of success and uses them as a foundation for change. Based on the 5D model of Define, Discover, Dream, Design and Deliver, Appreciative Inquiry provides a framework that helps to construct images of a desired future and to formulate creative strategies to bring that future about.

Those involved learn to think of the future as a condition that can be impacted and created intentionally out of values, a vision and what is technically and socially feasible.

You can make change happen!

With this participative approach, transformation and change happen fast, at low cost, with feelings of connection around a business vision and with committed and inspired follow up and action planning. Based on empirical research, the approach was conceived 25 years ago by Dr David Cooperrider and his colleagues at Case Western Reserve University, USA.

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